Small Group Reflection

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When I walked into this class, my first reaction to small groups was I needed to keep my emotions out as much as possible and learn to keep up boundaries. Emotions can get tricky when talking to other people about their problems. My focus on this program is to be a trauma therapist for kids. I believed that taking small groups would help me become a better professional in the field and now more than ever I can say I learned more in this class that I ever thought I would from a one semester class. Thinking about what small group’s entails I always pictured a circle with chairs, talking about a deep intimate topic that everyone is shy about. This was the first image of small groups and how I perceive it. On the first day I told myself my goal …show more content…
My goal without even realizing it was to gain the knowledge of being compassionate with still keeping my feelings grounded. Even though I believe I reached my goal I know there is still room for improvement on the same goal and a few other issues.
Having emotions comes very easy for me. While starting at the beginning of the semester, I immediately connected with the other eight classmates. One classmate in particular Emily I felt an immediate connection with. Being able to have a relationship from the beginning of the class. I think it’s important when you’re in a small setting learning about how to interact with others to have a connection with someone to help keep you calm and help with nerves to get through the process of learning. Dr. Tara made all of us feel incredibly comfortable with each other starting on the
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Leading a group even though I tried to come off confident, is a weakness I am still working on. I doubt myself and my emotions. I hold on to what I want to say because I know professionally I need to say it in a professional matter. Small groups and the content of the stages of group, the timing of how long a group should last, helped me move along with the process along the ivory tower and accomplish my hidden goal of not keeping my walls up. Thought-out the semester we had a series of connection with the eight students that I will cherish throughout the rest of my college career and take it with me into the field. All eight of us couldn’t have been more different and opposite of each other but we all learned things from one another and I will continue to learn how to keep an open mind and push my confidence through every group or one on one session I will one day

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