Small Farm Farmers And Their Decision Regarding The Adoption Of Ict And E Commerce

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The purpose of this phenomenological study will be to understand and describe the lived experience of small farm farmers and their decision regarding the adoption of ICT and e-commerce in the United States. This current study is particularly relevant during this time because Americans are moving towards living a healthier lifestyle, thus giving small farm farmers the opportunity to market and sell more of their products through ICT and e-commerce channels.
The goal of the study is to contribute to the existing literature on small farm farmer’s adoption or non-adoption of ICT and e-commerce, and to discover management practices that can assist American small farm farmers to lower organizational costs, increase revenue, raise productivity, and bring access to new markets using e-commerce. A purposive sampling strategy will be used to select 25 small farm farmers from Kansas and Missouri. A semistructured and face-to-face interview will be conducted with each participant.

Significance of Study
This study is significant in today’s world because the American people are moving towards living a healthier lifestyle, giving the American small farm farmers the opportunity to see how they can make their farming business more transparent, profitable and open to new markets. It is imperative that American small farm farmers understand the importance of operating their business in an online environment, and the challenges and opportunities ecommerce may possess. Qualitative…

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