Small Change Malcolm Gladwell Analysis

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As of 2014, 38 percent of suicide cases were related or caused by social media. Scientist further investigated this correlation and found out that 50 billion of contents are shared monthly using social media. Many of us question this outrageous catastrophe, but to truly understand the immense power behind social media, details must be acquired. Identifying the details of social media, social media is a relatively new phenomenon that has lingered this world for the past decade. With the fusing of technology, internet-based applications have allowed the sharing of messages, thoughts, and details at the speed of light. The dawning of the new age has come, where social media is an extension of our body, exhibiting our everyday lifestyle. In Malcolm Gladwell’s essay “Small change”, he described the many viewpoints on the impacts of modern technologies such as social identity, communication dynamics, and even the effect of social media on activism. He clarifies social media by drafting a comparison of events from the various ages we dwelled. I will be discussing how Gladwell disrupts …show more content…
Gladwell constantly disrupts the flow of his writing, featuring confusion in his reading. First, I found it disturbing that there was no chronological order of what Gladwell is trying to portray. An example can be found when Gladwell started his saga with the historic reference of the story of Woolworth’s lunch counter. Furthermore, the introduction shifted in various ways, misleading points as it changed from scenario to another. I am well aware Gladwell’s plot to intertwine his thoughts in between each scenario, but it wound up the destruction of the build-up of his thesis. After a recollection of his excerpt, I found out there are actually more details about the historic scenarios than his message towards his readers. Overall, I was not impressed with the bouncing of

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