SM entertainment analysis Essay

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Korean entertainment company – SM Entertainment
S.M. Entertainment Co., Ltd
S.M. Entertainment is Korea’s best known entertainment & media group, operating businesses in the fields of planning, production, distribution, and circulation of records, licensing, publishing, singer/actor management, agency activities, start-up marketing, Internet/mobile content, and education. S.M. Entertainment was the first Korean entertainment company listed on the KOSDAQ (April, 2000). Introduction
- Company Name : S.M. Entertainment Co., Ltd.
- C.E.O : Kim Young-Min
- Establishment : February 14, 1995
- Associates : S.M. Entertainment Japan, Co., Ltd., S.M. Entertainment Asia Co., Ltd., S.M.
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- Collecting/ managing music sources in Korea and overseas
: Visual Producing
-Managing CD jacket, poster, costume and dancing
A producing system directed by the best visual director MANAGEMENT (Vocalist, Actor) : Vocalist Management
- Managing vocalists affiliated to S.M such as Kang Ta, BoA, Dong Bang Shin Ki,
: Actor Management
- Managing TV actor/Movie Actor/ Comedian
- Managing public relation of artist(TV, Newspaper, Cable TV, Magazine etc)
- Managing artist’s showing up at every event and for commercial ad.
- Managing planning/hosting concert for artist AGENCY - Managing models of Korea and Asia more professionally and systematically
- Not following the typical way of public relations with advertiser or its agency, it satisfies clients’ trend and their tastes by taking model that appeals with freshness and popularity
- TV/Newspaper, Commercial Ad, Events, Sponsor, PPL, Promotion, Magazine GLOBAL BUSINESS
: Japan
-Established S.M Entertainment Japan (January, 2001)
-BoA debuted in Japan in 2001, released her album through Avex, the biggest recording company in Japan
-BoA’s “Listen to my

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