Slum 's Mental Health Problem Essay

1313 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
According to The United Nations agency Habitat, "there are approximately one billion people living in slums globally". They further say that although only 6% of people in developed countries live in these areas, about 78.2% of people living in less developed countries suffer from slum conditions. That amounts to "one third of the global urban population" (Owusu et al. 180). The UN-Habitat has given us some very accurate information in order for us to have a better understanding about the seriousness of the topic at hand. With such a huge number of people living in slum environments, it is neccessary to address whatever problems exist in these areas. However, issues concerning the physical conditions of slums often get more attention compared to problems such as the psychological well-being of slum dwellers. That is why people might unintentionally neglect the topic of slum 's mental health. Slum residents often have to confront a lot of stresses coming from economic status, housing environment, and insecurity throughout their lives. In order to eliminate, or at least, lessen poverty, more attention needs to be invested in this controversy. Mental health issues don 't just affect the people themselves, but can also lead to crime and insecurity. Identifying the factors which cause mental health problems in slums such as stress and depression is necessary, and finding appropriate solutions to tackle this issue must be done as soon as possible. Slums have always been regarded…

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