Analysis Of Slotland Casino

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Article 1 – Slotland Casino pays out another monster jackpot

When you think of the world of online slots, you will usually think of Slotland. In reality, no other online casino commits more to the world of slots than Slotland, delivering both new and classic slots in abundance. Featuring over 30 real money slot titles, ranging from nostalgic 3-reel games to the very latest video slots. Truly genre defining, many games encompass the latest in online casino technology too, including 3D graphics, HD sound, and silky smooth animations. If slots are your game, then Slotland is your casino. Of all the games being played at Slotland Casino right now (and there are plenty on show) it seems one is proving to be more popular than the rest.

Opening the Treasure Box

Treasure Box isn’t like other slot games; reason being that it tries to bring together the very best of the world of both classic and modern slot games. All the while propping the game up is a huge jackpot that players are clearly willing to fight tooth and nail for. Unlike other major jackpot games, Treasure Box isn’t
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A player by the name of “Samuel W” recently became the games latest winner. As during one particular game of Treasure Box, when the reels stopped spinning, he found himself nearly $150,000 better off. Little is known about the man apart from the fact that he is a dentist and a fan of various video poker titles. However, judging by his latest win, many suspect that Treasure Box is probably his new favourite game. When asked about how he plans on spending the cash, he said, “Considering how much I’ve won, I can use it to pay off credit cards and book myself a well deserved holiday”. He also plans to spread the wealth; “My sister needs a new car so that is a priority too”. It seems that the latest win isn’t just going to be game changing for Slotsland, it’s going to be life changing for “Samuel W” as

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