Essay On Sleep Deprivation

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Sleep is the most essential part of an individual’s life. Sleep can harm your health if you do not get enough of it. New information is best stored when you get enough sleep. It helps people perform tasks better. When you are asleep, energy is well-preserved. People go to sleep because of their health, to retain memories, and to conserve energy. Sleep is valuable to your health. The human body is dependent on how much sleep we get. Sleep deprivation can damage our health. We cannot go a day without sleep. Our brain needs to rest, so we can be healthy. If someone does not get enough sleep, it can cause dangerous health problems. Resting your body is required to regenerate certain areas of the brain. The wastes are removed from the human body …show more content…
Our body stores memories while we are sleeping. Memories are important in everyday life where information is stored in short term or long term. Sleeping prepares the human body for new information when we wake up. According to the article, “Sleep deprivation: Neural regulation and consequences”, it states, “Certain stages of sleep are considered necessary for the regeneration of neurons within the cerebral cortex while other stages of sleep seem to be used for forming new memories and generating new synaptic connections”. There are numerous stages of sleep that an individual can go through. During the REM stages, cell revive in the brain. So, it helps create new memories and store away the memories. Other areas of the brain are being repaired. People take sleep for granted about the things when we use our memory for like in school, work, or family life. Overtime loss of sleep can cause long term effect, like amnesia. Without a good amount of sleep, it will be hard on the brain to absorb new information. In addition, they cannot focus and learn efficiently. We perform better tasks after we get enough sleep. Without remembering new information or creating memories, people cannot function correctly. It can prevent someone from remembering any new information that they learned that

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