Essay on Sleep Terrors Reoccur Night After Night

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Haunting sleep terrors reoccur night after night. Anxiety attacks become so debilitating, maintaining a job seems impossible. Disturbing memories only seem to fade after reaching the bottom of a bottle. Eric Swinney, a former Marine in his late twenties, faces these exact conditions frequently. A deployment to Iraq, in which a job required him to clear the streets of Iraqi bodies following attacks, left him with a horror that would follow him home. Severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety became so intense that he lost every job he applied for, which totaled around six. While residing in Georgia he began to drown his sorrows in alcohol and received a DUI. A move to Phoenix, Arizona, provided him with a stable job, but the eventual theft of his car spiraled a series of unfortunate luck, which landed him homeless for a short time. However, the discovery of a government-housing program, Grand Veterans Village, sent Swinney on the right path (Briggs). Without assistance from this program, Swinney likely would remain homeless. Sadly, this isn’t a rare occurrence. A career in one of the five branches of the military often results in a life of hardship for the service person. Currently the United States government funds programs to aid these veterans. These programs should continue because veterans face issues such as PTSD following service that make the transition back to civilian life complicated. In addition, model programs from cities and states…

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