Essay about Sleep, Rapid Eye Movement

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A good night’s rest is key to a healthy, attentive mind, but when you’re not getting enough sleep, it can harm a person’s mentality and bring out a weary self, or even lead to a seriously dangerous lifestyle. Even though sleep is ranged between all species, scientists, and specialist don’t fully understand sleep entirely. The study of sleep, polysomnography, is constantly making new discoveries every year, For example, researchers discovered patterns of sleep and how it affects breathing, brainwaves, and heart rates. Sleep disorders were stimulated by the study of REM sleep, rapid eye movement. A discovery in 1980 was conducted after a study of irregular patterns of breath during sleep can lead to a serious illness or even death. Many specialists lean away from the subject due to its complexity even though information regarding sleep disorders is constantly increasing. Sleep Disorders are divided into two different categories. Category 1 consists of types of disorders whether someone is not waking up or can’t fall asleep. It may also have types that a person may fall asleep unexpectedly. Category 2 consists of disorders in which people may experience sleep walking or night terrors. The two categories are listed under dyssomnias, category 1, and parasomnias, category 2. Some common disorders of the two categories would be insomnia, narcolepsy, which falls under category 1. Category 2 disorders mainly consist of sleep terror, sleepwalking, or nightmares. A majority of…

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