Essay on Sleep : My Poor Sleeping Habits

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When I was a child, going to bed late was almost like a sin. My mother set rigorous bedtimes for my younger brother and I, and only as we aged were they gradually relaxed. I didn’t get to set my bedtime by myself until I was fifteen, which is how it was for most children that live around here, but I’ve never actually asked, so that’s just an assumption. However, I never really understood how important getting a proper sleep was until I wrecked my sleep schedule to practically no return. By wrecked, I mean I’m still wrecking it, unfortunately, but hopefully reflecting upon my mistakes and gaining new information on the importance of sleep will guide me in a more positive direction concerning my sleep habits.

My poor sleeping habits began most likely in December 2014. Before that, my sleep was relatively normal, I would go to bed at around 10:00 PM at night, and wake up at 7:00 PM for school. This schedule fluctuated due to weekends, summer vacation, and other obligations, but I tried my best to stick to getting eight or more hours of sleep every night. Then I met my boyfriend, and everything changed.

Teenagers are typically seen as notorious for staying up late and sleeping in all day, and I have not been an exception of this assumption as of late. The night I met my boyfriend online, I was up at 2:30 AM, a ridiculous hour. However, this was during my Christmas break, and I was probably going to bed soon anyways, right?

Wrong. I stayed up that night until 8:45 AM, and I…

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