Sleep Is Essential For Proper Functioning Essay

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One of the most common and complicated rhythms of the human being is sleep. Individuals spend a large portion of their life in a sleeping state. There are many reasons why people sleep. Sleep is necessary in order for the body to “restore depleted reserves of energy, eliminate waste products from muscles, repair cells, strengthen the immune system, or recover physical abilities lost during the day”. A continuous and prolonged failure of sleep, the human body begins a downhill path that can lead to illness or death in severe cases. Therefore, sleep is essential for proper functioning. Many people suffer different types of sleep disturbance in which the ability to have restful sleep is disrupted. One disturbance is called insomnia.
Insomnia is a type of dyssomnia which refers to difficulties in sleeping an appropriate amount or in when the individual falls asleep. There are three major symptoms of insomnia. Any symptom alone can result in the inability to sleep. The first symptom involves the individual having difficulty going to sleep. In other words, he or she goes to bed but does not fall asleep. Another symptom of insomnia is not being able to stay asleep throughout the night. Here, the person is able to go to sleep, but he or she cannot stay asleep for the time necessary for the body to go through its many restorative processes. The last or third symptom is not achieving adequate sleep with regard to quality. Thus, the individual is able to sleep, but it is…

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