Sleep Is An Important Part Of A Human 's Life Essay

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Sleep is an important part of a human’s life; it rejuvenates our energy levels, helps with mental processing, and lastly helps with memory and memory retention. Memories are essential any living being. Remembering where the car keys are or remembering meaningful thoughts are what help us connect ideas, thoughts, or things together. Therefore, if we study the connections of sleep and memory this could improve the way we retain information. That there are other variable that could help improve the way we learn new things. There have been a lot of studies that have shown how important sleep is to any living animal, but now would be the best time to connect and manipulate the effects of sleep and how sleep could improve memory.
This leads us to researchers Bäuml, Holterman and Abel (2014). They explained how sleeping after learning can lead to mnemonic benefit, which is a device that helps with retention of information, by stabilizing and strengthening content that someone is trying to remember (2014). Their idea was to see if “testing effects refers to the findings that retrieval practice in comparison to the restudy of previously encoded contents can improve memory performance and reduce time-dependent forgetting” (2014). The experiment was set up for the subjects to study categorized item list, the items were presented to the participants in a random order and each of the items were presented for at three seconds. In the restudy condition the items were exposed once again,…

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