Sleep Disorder Essay examples

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Ugonna Onyekachi
Mr. Thompson
28 August 2015
Sleep disorder At one point in time everyone may have difficulties in sleeping. However, if you cannot shut your eyes for a nap or even get a deep sleep, then you may be struggling with sleeping disorders. These signs can manifest through the feelings of exhaustion despite sleeping for eight or more hours. Dozing off and nodding off during the day may also be experienced during work or study. Such a problem may be the result of health conditions such as depression, which often causes sleeping disorders. Sleep has an essential role in health and well-being throughout one’s life. Receiving enough and high-quality sleep can help boost your physical, social, and mental
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10071). The foremost mode of determining the existence of sleeping disorders is by analyzing one’s sleep journal. If you record the hours that you spend sleeping and other factors that may hinder your quality of sleep it may be easy to detect sleep problems. Some of these factors that may affect the quality of sleep may include caffeine and alcohol consumption, naps, and exercise. Each of these analyses should be accompanied with how one feels in the morning after waking up in order to determine whether the sleep acquired was sufficient and of high-quality (ADAA, 2). Few weeks after recording your behavioral patterns on the journal, you can examine your sleeping trends. The research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that sleep-related problems affect numerous people.
Causes of sleeping disorders Sleeping difficulties can be brought about by diverse factors but the common effect is lack of sleep and irregular patterns of sleep due to the disruption of the circadian rhythm. Genetics has also been cited as a possible cause of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and other neurological sleep disorders, which alter the control of wakefulness and sleep. Working at night is also another potential cause of sleep disorders. People working at night are

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