Sleep Deprivation : Impact On Cognitive Performance Essay

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Sleep deprivation: Impact on cognitive performance.

Ernest Baidoo
University of the People

Note about the Author of the Article
Paula Alhola1, Päivi Polo-Kantola2
1Department of Psychology, 2Sleep Research Unit (Department of Physiology), University of Turku, Turku, Finland
FI-20014 Turku, Finland

Abstract Many people restrict themselves from sleeping due to work related and some other factors, and in the long- run, they end up not been able to sleep at all even when they wanted to. Unable to sleep continuously can be because of acute total sleep deprivation or chronic partial sleep restriction. Continually depriving yourself from sleeping has effect on the mental action. Your memory keeps working whiles you are not asleep, but it also has effect on your long-term memory and decision-making. Once ability to cope with sleep deprivation depends on age, gender and interindividual differences. Attention must be giving to sleep deprivation in order to recover from it.

This article concentrated a lot on already published study in 1990. The national sleep 2007, explain that sleep loss is something that can disrupt ones quality of life. Sleep loss has several effects, some of which includes impairments in the cognitive performance. In trying to consider the effects of sleep loss emphasis should be on the differences between total and partial sleep deprivation. This is because in recovery from sleep…

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