Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects Essay

1650 Words Oct 25th, 2016 7 Pages
Sleep Deprivation In high school I made sure to always have a perfect sleep schedule. I would make sure that I got my full eight hours, so I would feel renewed and vibrant the next day. Whenever college began I had that same mentality, however then the stress of becoming an independent adult hit me, and then it all fell apart. I became restless at night and my mind would begin to think about millions of things at once. Then the effects began to hit me, I become irritable, unable to focus, my body felt weak, and my eyes always felt heavy. Sleep deprivation is something that affects many people experience this at some point, whether it is from stress, college, personal problems, or work. Which creates a problem, as the effects of sleep deprivation can effect a person’s cognitive abilities, emotion stability, and physical performance in many ways. When a person’s brain is sleep deprived it cannot release the emotional strain that is received throughout the day. This can cause all the stress, anger, and rage he/she feels to build and carry over to the next day. This creates some who is irritable and agitated by things that normally would not bother them. For example a study in 2007, took sleep deprived adults and presented them with a disturbing picture while their brain was monitored. The scans showed that the part of the human brain that deals with emotions actually overworks itself when the brain is deprived of sleep (Warner). This shows that any person who is sleep…

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