Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects Essay

702 Words Oct 26th, 2016 3 Pages
The CDC sites that roughly 30% of Americans are sleeping fewer than six hours every night. Nearly one-third of Americans are zombified due to lack of sleep. I have often wondered why people are consistently not getting enough sleep. We know that we are sleep deprived, but do we know why? If we knew why, could we correct it? I personally struggle with getting enough sleep every night. It is as though my brain simply doesn’t want to shut off. I am constantly thinking, worrying, planning and doing, so much so, that some nights I feel as though I haven’t slept at all. When I do manage to lightly doze into blissful slumber, it’s already time to get up and start the day. My overactive brain gives me no rest! Sleep deprivation has many causes, but many of these causes are easily avoidable. For example, falling asleep with the television on can interrupt your sleep. It’s simple, I am not going to sleep well if my soundscape is a war zone. When we fall asleep with the t.v. on or we leave lights on or we stay up late in front of a computer screen, we are setting ourselves up for epic sleep failure, and a pounding head in the morning. One important factor in regulating sleep patterns is being mindful of exposure to light during sleep hours. As I am winding down for bed, the best thing I can do is turn down the lights and remind my biological clock that it is almost time for sleep. Throughout the night, if I wake up, I try to avoid exposure to harsh lighting and limit myself to the…

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