Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects On Human Memory Essays

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Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is as a magic wand that will change your day for the better when it is used properly. Nowadays life has become more difficult than before. There are those who need to work for long hours in order to earn a sufficient amount of money to help them to live decently. As well as many students need to study long hours in order to succeed and get high grades, and thus get a good job in the near future. Most of these people and many others suffer from lack of sleep that could lead to negative repercussions on their daily lives. Some people claim that lack of sleep does not impact their daily lives. However, sleep deprivation frequently leads to negative effects on human memory, academic performance and the immune system.
Lack of sleep can lead to negative effects on a human memory and the ability to think clearly. People who don’t sleep well often suffer from memory problems. A study was made by King (2015) admitted that lack of sleep can affect negatively on the human memory and cognitive skills. There is a great possibility of there being some negative effects on the individual’s cognitive capabilities when failing to get an enough amount of sleep every day. The actual ability to save data is not fully stopped when a person suffering from an overall lack of sleep. However, a person who doesn’t sleep well may tend to lose the ability to understand and store information, and thus saving more irrelevant information into their memory instead of this that is…

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