Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects On College Life Essay examples

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“One out of three people have insomnia at one point in their lives.” Sleep is a priority, and individuals tend to just flick it off. Sleep is a necessity in order to function on a daily basis. Losing sleep can manifest dangerous outcomes, but can have an easy fix to the problem.

To begin with, sleep deprivation can be caused by numerous situations. One being with the increased technology in the rest area. For instance, in the article, “What 's keeping you up?” Colleen Oakleen states, “electronic devices all give off light that can mess with your body’s production of melatonin.” Melatonin is a hormone that helps one sleep at night. Electronic devices are said to decrease melatonin due to the blue light that is let out when it is the only source of light. Moreover, another origin of insomnia are students who are stressed out. To illustrate, Oakleen states “Simply starting college and adjusting to college life can be very stressful and have an impact on the student’s ability to sleep properly.” Students continuously struggle to keep up with academic and social demands, such as homework, tests, and school events. Especially, if the student os a procrastinator this can cause a more chronic stress due to the fact that the student will have to be on schedule on not missing an assignment deadline. To continue, eating or drinking heavily fluids before bed can become effective into getting sleep. For example, in the article, “Taste” proclaims “ foods that tax or upset your stomach,…

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