Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects On Children Essay

1626 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Sleep is the activity that fill up most of our spare time more than anything else. Next to food, water, and shelter, sleep is one of the most important needs for human survival. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being for a person. Even though humans need sleep to function properly, it is something that millions of people overlook and put off. On average an adolescent need nine to ten hours of sleep a day and an adult needs seven to eight hours of sleep. Even though most adolescent and adults need these much hours to function properly only about fifteen percent of adolescent receiving nine to ten hours of sleep a day and thirty-five percent of adults are receiving seven to eight hours.
With sleep being put off, many individuals can experience many effects of sleep deprivation such as an increase in aggression, increase in depression, increase in thoughts of suicide and decrease in the brain’s productivity and ability to process new information. Even though sleep deprivation mainly effects the mental health, it can also play a role in physical health more than one third of all truck accidents are caused by falling asleep due to sleep deprivation.
Though sleep is something that is overlooked by millions of people it can also have its benefits to our body such as improving learning, healing and repair our blood vessels and heart, and also cells can repair themselves. Even though it has many advantages to get enough sleep, many adolescent and adults ignore it…

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