Sleep Deprivation And Decision Making Essay examples

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Sleep Deprivation and Decision Making The study, Feedback Blunting: Total Sleep Deprivation Impairs Decision Making that Requires Updating Based on Feedback
, Whitney, PhD, P. et al (2014) examined the effects on people on their decision making after sleep deprivation. This study included testing at different stages of sleep conditions in a 62 hour period. Sleep deprived volunteers had issues with having to learn go and no-go stimuli tests and actually did worse when attempting the tests in reverse.
Skin conductance responses to outcome started to diminish which meant the volunteers started becoming blunt in their reactions due to sleep deprivation.
A total of twenty-six subjects were involved in this study. Half of the subjects had total sleep deprivation in a 62 hour period. The other half, slept with normal hours. During this period the scientists tested everyone in the group on their ability to complete decision-making exercises.
These consisted of go/no-go tests.
Go/No-go tests are used to gauge a person’s capacity for sustained attention and response to controls. A go/no-go test is one that has a person respond to stimuli and based on that stimuli perform as action. For example, the participant will be shown a green box, and the requirement for that stimuli is that the participant is instructed to press a green “go” button. If performed in this succession, the test is a pass as far as getting the test correct. This study used go/no-go tests

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