Sleep As A Person 's Health And Wellbeing Essay

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Sleep. It is one of the most underrated necessities humans need daily in order to function properly. But what does sleeping actually do for an individual? Sleep is imperative for a person’s health and wellbeing. It is not just wasted time, but an active period of rejuvenation. The human body needs sleep in order to survive. There are many reasons why people need to sleep for longer periods. Getting an adequate amount of sleep helps an individual retain information and perform better on memory tasks (National Sleep Foundation, Why Do We Need Sleep?). From having a good sleep, pieces of memories become processed and stronger for long- term memory (National Sleep Foundation, Why Do We Need Sleep?). Sleep is needed to grow muscle, repair tissue, and synthesize hormones (National Sleep Foundation, Why Do We Need Sleep?). Sleeping is not time wasted, and a 6 to 8-hour rest period is highly advised for all individuals. The lack of sleep has such a negative impact one one’s healthy, energy, and emotions, that people need to realize the severity of sleep disorders. Rest is much more then just beauty sleep, and in order to feel your best, sleep should be a priority, not a luxury.
A good night’s sleep isn’t as easy to experience as it sounds. Sleeping disorders are one of the most common problems the world faces today. Whether one’s sleeping issues are developed from stress, to thoughts, to poor habits, sleep deprivation is a sizeable problem. According to the National Commission…

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