Sleep And Its Effects On Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Sleep can be defines as the stage in where the body experiments its less period of inactivity. Sleep is controlled by our consciousness which is the awareness of our internal and external stimuli or environment ( Psychology book page 120). Sleep important for the well functioning of our actions and well been of our body and mind. The effect of sleep depravation can result on many consequences as "irritability, memory lapses or loss, impaired moral judgment, severe yawing , hallucinations, symptoms similar to ADHD, anxiety and depression". Not only our consciousness that is affected because sleep deprivation can result on risk of heart disease, decrease accuracy, aches, impaired immune system, growth suppression, risk of obesity and decreased temperature"(book page 126). The most noticeable consequence of sleep depravation is the irrational communication in both way signaling and receiving information ( research).

The Experiment Realized by Barrett A. Klein3,1, Arno Kleinb, Margaret K. Wrayc, Ulrich G. Mueller, and Thomas D. Seeley in the University of Texas, was to find out what is the effect of sleeping depravation in European honey bees which are considerate eusocial animals. The way that the experimenters wanted to prove the impact of sleeping deprivation was by watching the precision of signaling in the bees. " regularly inform nestmate workers about the distance and direction to desirable foraging and nest site locations by performing waggle dances (Fig. L4),…

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