Slavery Was The Primary Cause Of The Civil War Essay

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Would Contemporaries Argue that Slavery was the Primary Cause of the Civil War?

Slavery in the time leading up to was a very heated issue. It was a conflict that divided families and turned brothers against one another. Today many have argued that it was not in fact the reason however for the civil war itself. Other arguments have been that it was actually other issues such as states rights and the difference in the economic structure in the North versus the South. If you look back at the time of the civil war you can see many examples proving that in fact contemporaries did argue and would still today given their experiences, that the cause of the civil war was in fact slavery although it can be noted that their were other contributing factors to the succession of the southern states from the union and eventually the war.

Slavery was not the only matter to divide the nation at this point in time and although it is arguable that it is the most important one it is essential to look at what else was going on at this time. Despite what the majority of southerners believed to be true Abraham Lincoln did not pose that large of a threat to the institution of slavery in north America as evidenced when he said “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists...”(Document B) In this quote he is clearly stating that at that time he did not have any plans to abolish slavery in the…

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