Essay about Slavery Was An Irreplaceable Issue Of The American History

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From the colonial period to the end of Civil War, slavery used to play a crucial role throughout the American history. It not only recorded a long period of darkness, which lack of freedom and justice, but also witnessed the growth of American’s humanity and national politics. Today, by analyzing corresponding historical events from time to time, it should be easy to demonstrate that the institution of slavery was an irreplaceable issue of the past. Undoubtedly, it certainly promoted the development of America as a country and triggered a series of important events at the same time. Back in the day, the origin of slavery was began in the late fifteen century. (Gary, p113) With the invasion of colonial period, the slave trade itself was enlarged by several European countries, such as Portugal, France, England and many more. Also, the involvement of these countries globalize the slave trade (Gary, 114) and tend to form the transatlantic slave system. For European colonists during that time, larger slave market means more cheap labors they could get to exploit the American land. On the other hand, “the slave trade was very profitable for successful African merchants and rulers” (Smyth, Lecture 6, p13) Therefore, the slave exports from Africa to America had been increasing for the next four hundred years since 1450s. (Smyth, Lecture 6, p5 ). And exports’ number reached its peak around the late eighteen century, when the American revolution happened during that time.…

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