Slavery Was An Essential Part Of The Roman Empire Essay

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Slavery was an essential part of the Roman Empire their slaves had the role of domestic servants, craft workers, and even imperial bureaucrats. Slavery became an increasingly marginal institution throughout Europe and Northern Africa. At times, they might have been captured by Viking raids, Christian crusaders captured by Muslims, or Muslims captured by crusaders. Italian merchants would bring large number of slavs for sale into the Mediterranean markets, and Slavs were so central to the slave trade that the word slave derive from Slav in many European languages. There is evidence that a small number of Africans arrived as slaves in Ireland in 859 and were known as “Blue men.” In the early fifteenth century in Barcelona, Spain there was a large African population to support an association of black Christian freedmen. In the other side of the Mediterranean, in the Islamic North Africa, slavery was part of the daily live. Slaves worked for the wealthy as servants and served as concubines. Slaves didn’t have a specific task that, and the collapse of the slave trade would have been an economical disaster. Slaves could have been considered as a luxury good for the rich. The north African Slave came from two sources some might have been capture from non-Muslim war from Europe or Asian. Let me emphasis that Muslims are not supposed to enslave fellow Muslims.
In the ninth century, the slave trade across the Sahara was established. The trans-Saharan trade was never a large…

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