Essay on Slavery Was A Popular Practice

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In the 1860s, slavery was a popular practice. It was an economically strong concept due to the fact that you didn’t have to pay the slaves. A slave plantation is a farm or estate where cotton, sugarcane, rice, and tobacco are usually grown and cultivated by slaves ( If working without pay wasn’t horrible enough, these plantations also usually were located in hot, tropical climates. The owners of the plantations were seldom kind to the slaves and often whipped and beat them, sometimes to death. Plantations were located all over the south, some are still around today. Many of the plantations still standing are family attractions. They have been turned into museums and learning centers. They are there now, not only to grow crops, but to teach people of all backgrounds about our awful history. Boone Hall, in South Carolina, has been featured in several movies about slavery. This plantation is also still functioning though it no longer grows cotton and pecans. Today it grows pumpkins, strawberries, and also tomatoes. Throughout the year it has events where you can go and harvest the crops as the slaves did over a hundred years ago, the only difference is that you get to keep them ( Back in the day, plantations were not places you would want to visit while on a family vacation as they are today. Slaves were not allowed to own property or earn wages. They were dependent on their masters for food, clothing, and shelter, and if the slave tries to…

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