Slavery Was A Necessary Evil Essay

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A) Lincolns overall goal in getting involved with politics was to persuade as many Americans as possible that slavery was wrong. Lincolns goal was “not so much to end slavery immediately as to restore immediately the consensus that slavery should be ended” (81). It seemed that just talking to the public wasn’t enough. The south had created a slave culture and way of life that brainwashed them into thinking that slavery was a necessary evil. Generation after generation adopted this way of thinking in the south and the evil they were committing which should seem obvious to a normal person didn’t even occur to the southern population. The issue had to be squashed immediately and if slavery continued on its reckless course America would be doomed. Thus drastic measures had to be taken. Lincoln made it clear time after time that he accepted slavery in the south and would allow them to maintain it as long as they did not expand into any more territories. His goal was to limit it and make sure it didn’t grow. But the south was greedy and were not satisfied by these guidelines, they wanted more. Lincoln gave a speech declaring that “there was no more room for compromise” and a “struggle between slavery and freedom could no longer be avoided” (85) Though Lincoln didn’t formally announce it, his intention in making these statements was to inform the public that action had to be taken and there is a war in their future.

B) From the minute Lincoln became aware of the brutal…

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