Slavery War 1775-1775

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In the winter of 1777-1778 the Continental Army was camped at Valley Forge for the winter. It was a brutal winter and many of the Soldiers did not have shoes or blankets and they were starving. Many were sick with typhus, dysentery and pneumonia. The soldiers were dying and deserting and there were no replacements because the states were not meeting their militia quotas.

The slaves were offered freedom by the royal governor of Virginia if they joined the British forces. Thousands of slaves came to join the British forces.

General Washington changed his mind immediately about black men being in the military.

There were many freemen and and slaves who served in the army in their masters place. They were fighting
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The men would sign up for 5 years at a time. The men would get 3 meals a day, a uniform, $13.00 a month pay and an education.

The African American soldiers were very important in developing the West. They fought the Indians, put up telegraph lines, helped construct forts on the frontier, patrolled along the Mexican border, captured outlaw gangs, thieves, and cattle rustlers.

Many of the African Americans who served during the Civil War formed the new all-black regiments. Many enlistees came from the New Orleans area, southern states, and northern states. Many of the men that enlisted had been slaves, and some were freemen.

The black regiments served all over the west and were commanded by white officers. At this time white officers resented having to serve with the black regiments.

The Buffalo Soldiers got very little recognition for their service from 1865 to 1899. 417 medals awarded and only 18 medals were presented to African American enlisted
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They also stretched hundreds of miles of telegraph lines. They also built and repaired outposts in the frontier. There was great prejudice against the Buffalo Soldiers because of their blue Union uniforms and the color of their skin.

Life was not easy for them as they were discriminated against, and there was segregation. They sometimes had inferior equipment and their food was not always the best.

Companies of the 125th infantry went to New Mexico in August of 1866. They served at 7 army forts all over the territory. Most of them went to southern New Mexico in September of 1867. Six companies of black troops from the 38th infantry replaced them. The 38th infantry had fought against the Cheyenne Indians in Kansas.

When the 125th infantry arrived they started fighting Apache Indians. The Apaches were difficult for the black and white troops alike. The had problem with the terrain. The infantry moved slowly and the Indians were fast as they knew the terrain.

The best the Buffalo Soldiers could do was slow down the raiding and protect the settlers and their livestock. They also helped protect the settlers from rustlers, and outlaws. They also escorted military people and U.S. Mail carrier, supply trains. They also escorted people traveling the Butterflied Overland Trail on their way to

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