Slavery: Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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During the time of The Civil War of 1861, the differing political and ethical options of the northerners and southerners created the debate discussing the institution of slavery. This disagreement is represented by Uncle Tom’s Cabin by, Harriet Beecher Stowe, by using the characters Simon Legree and Tom to symbolize the opinions of the North and South showing their political and ethical viewpoints.
The beginning of the Civil War was started by the growing tensions between the North and South 's political and ethical opinions, regarding the subject of slavery. This started and continued throughout the war bringing forth their definitive differences. The north 's drive to get rid of slavery, and the south’s conservative ideas, and their their
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The South fought vigorously to prevent the extinction of slavery above and below the Mason-Dixon line. This issue became the talk of people 's political lifestyle and brought people 's morals into question. During the 1850s people were already beginning to choose sides entendre the possibility of war. Tensions enhanced by anger and frustration began to build between pro and anti-slavery citizens. Southern masters became more enraged by the fact that their slaves were running to the north to be free. They pushed for a more intense Fugitive Slave Law and were rewarded on September 9th, with The Compromise of 1850. This “compromise”, "admitted California as a free state, delivered just that, threatening Northern citizens with stronger fines and even jail time if they did not help recover runaways." Both sides did not truly get what they wanted, but the south was very pleased when they received, The Kansas-Nebraska Act. This act created “popular sovereignty,” which allowed states to choose if slavery would still exist in that particular state. The act sabotaged The Missouri Compromise, which did not …show more content…
He takes it upon himself to do the right thing and distribute a sum of his own cotton to her so she would not be punished. Unfortunately, this act of kindness was short lived since two other slaves reported them to the masters for breaking the rules. Simon Legree is a man with monstrous features, who represents the opinion of southerners by believing that when gifted with the title of “master”, you are now above all. Since they have this overwhelming amount of power and generations of encouragement on their belts, it leads them to these feeling of entitlement. A feeling that allows them to treat an entire race extremely wrong, and in this case one man. Tom, could both represent slavery in its entirety and the northern opinion due to his many sentiments spoken on behalf of these topics. This poor feeble man in turn for being kind is being forced to whip Lucy after their plans were corrupted. What Legree did not expect was for Tom to stick to his morals, “‘Yes, Mas’r,’ Tom replies. He says he’s willing to work day and night, but he will not whip an innocent woman. It’s wrong and he won’t do it.” (195) This quote depicts a strong argument for the north, using the word “innocent” shows the view that northerners have of slaves and what Stowe wanted her readers to grasp. That these people are human

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