Essay about Slavery, The United States Of America

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From its birth, the United States of America has experienced a lot of changes and adaptations to its economy, especially when it comes to labor and who was working. Many northern leaders after the Revolutionary War had anti-slavery sentiments and states such as Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Connecticut had all passed gradual emancipation laws. New York happened to be the last state to do this, however, just because these black slaves were being free, it didn’t mean they were equal in society or had equal opportunities for work. Although it is important to discuss the sociopolitical implications of emancipating slaves in 1863, a more pertinent line of thought would be to discuss how the gradual emancipation of black slaves in the North impacted the working class by adding more competition for wage jobs and complicating race relations amongst white and black workers. Even though African Americans were emancipated in New York, they really didn’t have the economic/social opportunities as the white people around them did. Gradual emancipation in New York started in July of 1800 and was completed in 1827. Although it was great that blacks were free, the way they were seen in the working world and their class did not change as much. The main issue was that economic independence defined your place in society, so because blacks were unable to obtain this due to social constructs, they were seen as inferior to the working class. This led to blacks being…

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