Essay Slavery, The Most Shocking Phenomenon Of Our World

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Slavery is one of the most shocking phenomenon’s of our world. The meaning of the word slavery transforms an individual human being into becoming an item. This phenomena has destroyed millions of lives, taking away people’s family, happiness, fate, etc. It is mind-boggling to think that humans were considered property to other humans at one point in time. African American slaves were treated like animals; they were brutally beaten, tortured, and often murdered. White Americans believed that this was okay and that beating them would make them work harder. I am going to use my resources to explain the horrors of slavery and to give examples of the pain and fear Solomon Northup encountered in his years of being enslaved. Solomon Northup was a free black man and in an instant his world got turned around, and he was captured as a slave. When he was first captured, the movie shows him arguing about his freedom and getting beat for doing so. After receiving blow after blow, Burch finally stopped and asked him “are you a slave?” and Solomon, fighting for his freedom, again said no. Burch continued to beat him, repeatedly telling him he is a slave, and he is from Georgia (12 Years a Slave, 14:26-15:28). Solomon wanted to fight for his freedom, but eventually he became too weak to continue fighting. This film relates to Louisiana history because it was the same time period Louisiana was increasing its number of slaves. In the 1830s-1850s, Louisiana was going through Paternalistic…

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