Slavery : The End Of The Age Of Exploration Essay

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Slavery is a concept that has been around since the dawn of time. It is known that the Greeks were the first to enforce slave labor, although, it quickly spread throughout the lands and eventually became a normal, everyday concept. Slavery became mostly known after the fourth crusade. In the bible, specifically the book genesis, slavery is justified. As a result of the age of exploration, slavery spread throughout the new world. Each and every one of the European empires enforced slave labor in the new lands they conquered; either by enslaving the native peoples or bringing foreign labor. Slavery is the social and legal designation of specific persons as property. They are not given anything in return for their work and are expected to do what they are told. Although slavery is not spoken very fond of, without it many of the great civilizations and empires would not have developed into what they are today. Towards the end of the age of discovery, most civilizations have prohibited the ownership of slaves.
The Greeks were thought to be the first peoples to enforce slave labor. In fact, thirty percent of all romans were slaves. Slavery in the old world was tied closely to the concept of warfare; Greek and roman captors alike frequently forced their prisoners taken during battle into slavery. They believed that it was just to own slaves. Slaves have always been at the bottom of social classes and continued to be until it was abolished. Some countries still have slaves to…

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