Slavery : The End Of Slavery Essay example

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As the end to slavery got closer the slaves moral was very high, they were excited and started to prepare for life after slavery by stealing expensive things from their masters house. The slaves finally what freedom was while the white Southerners felt like they were losing their freedom. With all the former slaves full of joy they felt pity for their masters. They felt pity for their former masters because they are human. Their former master has no way of making money now. The masters of the slaves never seemed to have pity for the slaves or there would be no slavery. This really shows how terrible slavery was. A major problem that was brought up was how the former slaves were supposed to adjust to modern society. Older slaves could not start a new life. How were slaves going to support themselves and their families with no money or skills? Slaves had to create new names for themselves because their names in slavery were based around who owned them. Some slaves had to trek hundreds of miles to get to their families. The end of slavery was the best thing that ever came to slaves but the hardest thing to get adjusted to. The next document is a petition from a convention in Virginia to expose how blacks were treated in America, before and after the Civil War. Blacks are not being treated as citizens of the United States. Their freedom caused a nation to split and go to war. They also helped fight for their own freedom and now being free is impossible because the citizens of…

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