Slavery : Slavery And Slavery Essay

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While slavery was legal, free men would often be kidnapped into slavery, and sometimes slaves actually escape to freedom. There are many different stories on slavery and how many slaves escaped, but just because a slaves escapes from slavery, does not mean he or she is free. If a black person was considered a free man, he or she had to get official document saying so, and even after the documents were given to them, some of them still found themselves as slaves. Although transitioning from slavery to freedom seems easy, that is just as hard as being free and being kidnapped into slavery. Solomon Northup is a free black man. One day while he was out at the park, he was approached by a man, and the man introduced him to two men. The two men offered Solomon a job, and Solomon was without work so he accepted. At first, things were going good, then one night Solomon was not feeling good. He went to bed because he thought that he could sleep off whatever it was that was going on. When he woke up he was shackled and chained. Solomon initially thought that there was a mix up of some sort, but he soon realized that there was no mix up and he was now a slave. Northup tried to tell the men that took him that he was free, but he would only get whipped for it. They threatened Northup, “He swore that he would either conquer or kill me” (Northup 46). This happened all too often then, and it was Northup’s mindset that eventually led him back to freedom. It was very common, during…

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