Slavery Reparations : A Call For Justice Essay

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Slavery Reparations: A Call For Justice
The supreme court of 1980 ordered the federal government to pay Native American Tribes $122 million dollars to compensate for the slaughter and illegal seizure of tribal lands in 1877; Shortly after, the congress of 1988 then consented to the payment of $1.2 billion dollars to Japanese-American citizens who had been held captive at the prison camps during WW2 (Costly, Andrew). African Americans haven’t been compensated for their enslavement until recently, President John Degioia of Georgetown University took a lead to come to terms with their involvement with the merchandise and enslavement of Africans. President Degioia is offering financial help in education and other reparations administered to the families that were bought and sold in regards of the University (Carr, John). Though this it is the first step into the repayment of the descendants of slaves it won’t make up for all the descendants of slaves or the problems in the African American culture. Descendants of former slaves should receive reparations and compensations. America introduced slavery to the colonies in 1619 and ended in 1865, 246 years later. During those years slaves endured many forms of mistreatment; including many forms of physical abuse, mental abuse, separation from families and communities, and many other forms of mutilations. Slaves took on the jobs of common household chores, plantation upkeep, building railroads, the U.S. capitol building, the White…

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