Slavery Left An Impact On History And Has Helped Shape Modern America

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Slavery left an impact on history and has helped shape modern America. Before the Civil War the United States was thrown into chaos because of a female slave named Celia. This essay will show how the tragic story of Celia: A Slave by Melton A. McLaurin emphasizes the social, political and sexual ramifications of slavery by examining the social position of black and white women, by exploring Celia’s murder trail and by considering the lack of moral in the sexual exploitation of slave women. The story of Celia: A Slave brings to light the lack of moral in the South and forces the people to seriously consider the consequences of slavery. White women during the 1800’s held very few rights and black women, especially black slave women held none. White men held all the control, slave women were property and therefore needed no rights. In the novel Celia: A Slave, Celia a slave woman challenges her master Robert Newsom, when he tries to rape her and “Celia’s challenge to her master’s power over her sexual integrity was personal violent, extreme and unacceptable to a slaveholding society. It was unacceptable because gender mattered in both the social conventions and in the laws that upheld slavery. To have empowered slave women in the domestic arena, to have recognized their right to control their sexuality would have undercut the power of the master to a degree that would have threatened the very survival of the institution.” Celia’s challenge does threaten the very institution…

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