Slavery Is The Act Of Forcing People Essay

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Slavery is the act of forcing people to endure exhaustingly hard labor along with providing restricted freedom or none at all. The means of enslaving men and women goes back all the way to 1760 B.C., when the Babylonians were at their peak. In 1619, Dutch settlers introduced numerous captured Africans to the American people in Jamestown,Virginia. This sparked the evolution of the slavery system throughout the newly established country. However, many Americans themselves (frequently African-Americans) have seemed to misconstrue that Americans performed slavery the most and in the cruelest of ways. The excessive use of slavery dates all the way back to the Code of Hammurabi (c. 1760 B.C.). As usual, the slavery had no gender specifics. Most of the laws were based on finding a slave, stealing one, or returning one. Generally, a person would be put to death for taking a slave outside of the city gates, or harboring a runaway. However, the value of slaves has been equivalent over the centuries. The majority were always treated as property, objects, and livestock. Their worth was never the same no matter what kind of scenario was at hand.

“If he put out the eye of a commoner, or break the bone of a commoner, he shall pay one silver mina. If he put out the eye of a man 's slave, or break the bone of a man 's slave, he shall pay one-half of its value.”

Although it’s the most common portrayal of the system, slavery was not solely endured by blacks. From century to…

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