Slavery Is Not Long After The End Of The Revolution Essay

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From the beginning of the revolution, slavery has been a dividing factor throughout the nation. It started out just being a form of labor for tobacco farmers. However once the different types of crops arose, the need for labor grew, causing the need for more slaves. One of the first things to cause a growth in slavery was that indentured servants only had to work seven years, meaning that the crop owner would have to find a new worker and then train them. Therefore slavery grow in popularity since the labor never left and never had to be retrained. The first division from slavery is seen not long after the end of the revolution when some states had a gradual abolition laws being passed; such as Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland, and others did not have such laws. Here is where we begin to see a North and South territorial division. The next wedge between territories was the three-fifths compromise. Which gave slave states more representation in the House of Representatives. Outraged by the south representation, the northern state believed that they should have to pay more taxes for their increased status in the House. Another issue that caused the division of the nation was the fact that slaves were the sole of the economy in 1820. They were the ones planting, maintaining and harvesting the crops. Without them there would not have been a successful economy. The south didn’t want to give up slavery because it was their main source of income. And even though the…

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