Slavery Is An Ancient Practice With Origins Essay

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Slavery is an ancient practice with origins that date as far back as the Maya civilization that began around 2000 BC, both the Bible and the Koran address slavery. (BBC) However, in the New World slavery was introduced by the Dutch in 1619 at Jamestown, Virginia, to help in the production of profitable crops like tobacco. A majority of the slaves entered America through the West Indies after a period of seasoning then reexported to Chesapeake or the Lower South. (Making America, 81) Roughly 11.9 million Africans were shipped across the Atlantic to the West Indies. (Gilder) However, the journey through the infamous Middle Passage reduced these numbers by roughly eighteen percent (Making America, 83) decreasing the arrival of African slaves in the America 's by approximately 10.8 million. (Gilder) There is no doubt African-American slaves served to strengthen the economic foundations of the new nation. Slavery thrived throughout the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries, this malicious and inhumane practice would endure for 245 years until Lincoln unveiled the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863 (making America, 393) and officially ceased on December 6, 1865 the day the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. (USA Today)

Before Africans slaves were captured and forced to leave their home country, their lives were comparable to the Europeans who apprehended them. Similar to other countries, Africa had numerous indigenous groups, each…

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