Slavery Is A Significant Part Of The United States Essay example

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Slavery is a significant part of how the United States came to be. It caused several divisions and controversies, creating several different laws. Slavery began to increase in the year of 1793 when Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. The cotton gin allowed more cotton to be produced, providing more money to farmers. Therefore, rapidly causing an increase in the need for slaves. In the early 1800s, slavery became a very common thing, almost every person owned a certain amount of slaves. Every person was affected by slavery, even if they did not own slaves. There was a constant fear in America slaves were going to fight back. People hear all the time about how slaves were needed for work, but we do not always consider the attitudes of slaves toward their work experience. Many factors determined the attitude of a slave’s work experience such as time, being whipped, other slaves, and their masters. Several historians took time to interpret the attitudes of these slaves. Kenneth M. Stampp, Robert William Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman, and Eugene D. Genovese have all provided evidence showing the main points from slaves and their owners. These historians have evidence based off the African American culture of the slaves written in stories, songs and poems. In addition to the slave’s opinions, there is point of view too.
To understand the past and traditions of the African American slaves one needs to learn a little bit of background information from them. William Bruce Wheeler…

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