Document 7: Olaudah Equiano

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In the first place, inhuman control methods are administered to the slaves with absolutely little remorse. In Document 7, we learn that various savagely violent punishments are used to keep the slaves under control for petty crimes, such as absence from work, eating the sugar cane, or theft. In return, many slaves either receive a whipping, beatings, breaking of bones, seclusion in the dungeon, or a breaking of limbs to guarantee amputation. There is a clear loss of morality when it comes to penalization of slaves, to the point, even their lifespans are shortened due to the ruthless nature of what they endure. In Document 8, Olaudah Equiano narrates what happens to the slaves who rebel and fight back. A man was half hanged and burned for trying …show more content…
In Document 1, we see the main reason Africans were chosen for this bondage. The Spaniards weren’t interested in involving themselves with the demanding work mining for silver and gold required. Since the Natives had the ability to choose between Christian conversion or slavery, the former was selected, assigning the position to the abundant race of Africans. From the beginning, wealth was the primary concern, and the Spanish would do anything to reach that achievement. In Document 9, when the slaves are taken off the ship, the Europeans are there, waiting to acquire them. They are stripped, and marked on the chest by an iron. These imprints coincide with the marks of the French, English, and Dutch, in an attempt to distinguish their “property”. The fact this demeaning act of branding is treated nonchalantly, exhibits where the overall value is placed. In Document 10, the various deceptions slave sellers used are disclosed, finalizing yet another example that significance is placed only on money. If a slave was severely ill, the captain would plug up the anus so that when a buyer requested the slave stand up, no discharge would come out. This blatant act of scamming was done out of greed, and with no overall concern for the health of the person being sold off. Corruption filled the slave trading system; the hunger for money being at the top of the list, and blinding any moral

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