Slavery In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin is an anti-slavery novel that brought about a great social change. According to Henderson 2009, it had such an influential impact on the Civil War, in which slavery was abolished. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Christian attitude reflected most of her attitude towards slavery. She believed slavery was very unchristian like and harsh. Stowe’s novel concentrated on many hardships slaves had to endure. She wrote the book to be a power against slavery. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is one of the most significant American works. Many people in the North did not realize how bad slavery was in the south (Henderson, 2009). In her novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, Harriet Beecher Stowe uses dialect, symbolism, imagery, tone, and throughout the story to persuade …show more content…
She shows us all of the consequences that slavery had on the north. She tells how even though helping slaves could lead to jail time many still showed concern. Stowe tries to give the readers a precise picture of the slavery in the south. Most of Stowe’s readers were white women so; she used this by playing on their feelings on the poor treatment of the slaves. One of her main goals was to get white women to read her novel. She hoped they would be able to help with the abolitionist movement.
One of the literary devices Mrs. Stowe uses is dialect. Dialect is the variety of a language that a group of people speak, each person’s speech is written exactly how it would sound if the reader was there in real life. They talk to fit the period of time and setting which is with a southern accent (Nobile, 297). Mrs. Stowe describes the feeling that Tom feels as he stands up to his abusive master “as weird grasp of wonderful music” (Noble, 295). They are completely different, but by her using this make Mrs. Stowe give life to that feeling so the reader can better understand it (Noble,
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While the North is where everyone thinks slavery is evil, the south is where all of this evil happens. Stowe tries to paint a good picture of slavery in the south. She shows the good conditions on St. Clare’s estate and the horrifying ones on Legree’s plantation (Wren, 1998). Some southerners have somewhat of a heart and actually treat there slaves well but others mistreat there slaves by raping, abusing, and also murdering their slaves. The main point Stowe is trying to make is even though it looks all good it is still corrupt. It shows how Mr. Shelby and Mr. Clare are good slave owners but bad at the same time because they allowed slave owners, like Haley and Legree to treat slaves so cruel (Wren, 1998).
Another literary devices Stowe uses tone. The tone of this novel is very serious because it tries to get the northerners to realize slavery is a serious thing. The narrator tries to educate the reader about the many terrors of slavery and how serious they actually got. According to Evans 418, the narrator made many comments to try to enlighten the northerners about the conclusions needed to be drawn from all of the events that took place. Also it reminded them that even when a character was alone god was always with them no matter what. Judgment is soon to come and to avoid it we must do what is

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