Slavery: How Religion Changed The Slaves

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How Religion Changed the Slaves Since Europeans began bringing black slaves and indentured servants to the colonies, they have begun to tear away foundations that connected blacks to their African heritage. As slavery progressed, “Negroes” were forced to adopt European religion and were mocked for their own religious foundations as being witchcraft and primitive. These changes have continually affected the foundation of spirituality in Negroes, which continues to plague the black community in the 21st century.
After being sold off by their own kind or stolen by European colonizers, Africans were ripped from their families and forced to learn english, give up their customs and traditional ways of life, and assimilated into european
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Selling off family members broke the family foundation in Black families, degrading slaves with more African features created self-hatred and internalized racism, exhibiting favoritism between those who were more “European” than those who were more African and removing the foundation of God or any kind of spiritualities within the slaves created a group of subpar humans that were stripped bare of self-worth, self-love and hope for any kind of liberation. Susceptible to absorbing any kind of information or mistreatment handed down by the slave owners, this made slaves question their own worth in comparison to others, creating a mentality which centers around self-hatred, jealousy and hopelessness. This can be seen in In the excerpt of 12 Years a Slave, Patsey was receiving a beating, in which she was crying for mercy. The administer of the beating, Epps, thought “Thou devil, sooner or later, somewhere in the course of eternal justice, thou shalt answer for this sin!” (Northrup) for having to be the one who administered Patsey’s beating. Epps dared not say this aloud since he could be at risk of receiving a beating himself for speaking out of line, and was under scrutiny for not hitting Patsey hard enough. At the end result of Patsey’s beating, she was broken. “If there was was a broken heart--one crushed and blighted by the rude grasp of suffering and misfortune--it …show more content…
Slave mentality is a state of mind that is derogatory in ideology of own race and implemented towards others by the methods of dehumanizing acts perpetrated by slave owners. This slave mentality within slaves allowed plantation owners to control and manipulate the minds of slaves as if they were programmable machines. This mentality allowed for the destruction of religion, social hierarchy and love in a slave 's mind. In Willie Lynch 's letter: The Making of a Slave, Lynch created a document that was given to plantation owners in order for them to know how to break a slave

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