Slavery : How It Lead America For Progress As A Thriving Civilization?

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Slavery: How it Lead America to progress As a Thriving Civilization? Slavery is a lense through which it helps historians understand the importance of American ideology through principles such as civilization, exceptionalism, and nationalism during the period of the American Revolution. In particular, documents such as From Petitions of Slaves to the Massachusetts Legislature (1773 & 1777), Equiano-1789, The Declaration of Independence, Melissa Bohrer-Glory Passion, and Principle: Phillis Wheatley,Sylvia Frey-Rock-Intro/Prologue, Carol Berkin-Day of Jubilee, and Eugene Genovese-American Slavery, Amen Freedom, demonstrate the importance of American ideology principles of civilization, exceptionalism, and nationalism through the tool of “agency”. This is allows a slave to use their voice and explain their point of view of slavery. Without their voice, we’ll get only a view from the white southerner’s view. As a result,there would be historical bias, thus causing discrepancy and misleading information on slavery. Slavery in general was a practice or system of owning slaves as well as a dehumanizing experience to look back at. Slaves usually worked on plantations where they did hard labor on the field or worked in the master’s house. Mostly women worked in the house while men did heavy labor. Slavery also allows us to explore “agency” through their overall power and voice of life experiences as a slave. For example, men were used for their physical strength. On the other…

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