Slavery Has A Huge Part Of American History Essay

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Slavery has been a huge part of American history. Both of these developed together and without either one there would not have been a constitution or proclamation. However, human labor exploitation has also been a large part of every great civilization since ancient times. Till this day, slavery still exists and is a part of many societies that no one can control. After reading each section of the link "Part One" pertaining to slavery one should be able to understand when slavery began and how it helped build America. When Portugal was in desperate search for gold, they sailed into the ocean and discovered West Africa. They left with a handful of gold, ivory, and other natural resources. Furthermore, the second time they visited and left the continent, they brought Africans with them which became the first transatlantic imported slaves. After several years of building a relationship with African leaders, Portugal gained access and built a trade post named Elmina. In one of the links, it showed that Elmina had became a trading post for gold, ivory, and other resources, but more importantly exporting African captives in exchange for iron, gunpowder, and other items brought from Europe. On the other side of the continent, a hundred English colonists decided to explore a new world with a promise of a new life. The Virginia Company of London sailed to the ocean and reached America where they settled. The link about the Jamestown Settlement gave a brief story of what happened…

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