Slavery Essay: Animal Cruelty

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Cruelty means inflicting pain and causing suffering. In today’s society animal cruelty has been reported as rapidly growing nationwide problem. Animals are being beaten and starved every day and millions of helpless animals die each year because of heartless owners. Animal cruelty includes various behaviours, ranging from neglect to malicious killing. The most common form of cruelty committed is unintentional neglect. On the other hand, intentional cruelty is the act of knowingly depriving an animal of food and water, shelter, or veterinary care. Intentional cruelty can also include maliciously torturing, crippling, or killing an animal. Media reports have proven that animal abuse cases are usually committed by a person with a history of harassment …show more content…
Imagine if that abused animal was someone you cared about, like a family member or best friend. These abused animals have a right to live a happy life and therefore we must defend them. Animals are poor and defenceless creatures that don’t deserve to be tortured or harmed in any kind of way. Thousands of animals are abused a day, all around the world and for many different reasons. They are often kicked, hit, and abused for no reasonable reason. Due to our present day’s society, I believe that even animal lovers can abuse their pets unintentionally when they are stressed or to relieve anger. Animal abuse is wrong and the people who commit such acts do not deserve to be called a human. All animals deserve a life without the worry of being hit when they wake up or killed when they go to sleep. Unfortunately, animal abusers do not face harsh enough punishments for the sins they commit by abusing innocent beings. These people should be forced to pay for the cruel things they do, instead, they continue to live a long, and happy life while helpless creatures suffer. I am an animal lover and own a dog myself and I cannot imagine someone abusing someone I love so they can feel a sense of power or accomplishment. Animals are not any different from humans as they also have feelings and therefore we should treat them with the same amount of respect as we do for each other. Animals make us happy and teach us new things about themselves, therefore, we should return the favour. Meanwhile, when animals spend time with humans they gain a higher level of intelligence and can help humans with daily chores. Or instance, I have a friend whose dog retrieves the daily newspaper from their porch every morning and sets it in their counter. Another fascinating example would be, how some animals are able to go to a regular washroom alone and eve flush the toilet. This shows how humans influence

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