Slavery Ended After Civil War Essay

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SLAVERY ENDED AFTER CIVIL WAR Life as African American people has dramatically changed since the civil war. Before the civil war, the owner of Southern plantations owned lots of slaves. Most slaves worked long hours on their daily bases. They never got paid for their hard work. They were abused all the time by their owners, and they lived in bad conditions. Conversely to the South, the black people in the North were free men. Many of them were educated in school and joined the army in helped union fight for freedom for the slaves in the South. However, the black people lived in the Western region of the United State encounter much difficult lived situation because the Northern State wants free the slaves, and the Southern want keep using the slaves. Life for slaves in South cotton plantation can be extremely difficult. In cotton plantation the slaves working hard all day long. Because the huge market demand, every day the slaves worked in the field for a long time, their hands get so dry and rough. (Importantly, slavery only spread where cotton could be grown). Similarly, the young female slave, life in cotton plantation can be a nightmare. They didn’t just work hard for their slave masters. They also sleep with their owners. Slave master can rape any underage female as they want to. Many females had kids with their master. In the same way, the slave master can gave any punish to their slaves as they want to. On a bright shining day, a new slave disobeys his master’s…

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