Essay about Slavery During The Civil Rights Movement

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Prior to the Civil Rights movement, slavery was the fulcrum which held society together as a whole helping to characterize women of the South. Slavery would later be considered the underpinning of the South in cultural, political, and spiritual aspects. Everything was constructed around slavery. A person’s class was determined by two things: race and gender. A clear distinction was always made: White slave owners sat atop of the totem pole, while black female slaves remained at the bottom, waiting for just an ounce of acknowledgement. Anyone who owned slaves in the South were at the culmination of society as a collective whole. The possibility of being able to purchase slaves, kept those who did not purchase slaves bound to an oppressive chain of command. Slave ownership made individuals both male and female more superior to others. This gave white females more power in the corrupted system known as slavery. This was a catalyst which incited white women’s unfortunate acceptance of slavery. Overall, women advocated for this corrupt system, despite the fact that it held them down. They justified slavery because of paternalism and in essence maternalism as well. Slavery was a representation of women’s place in society. Providing women with the belief that slavery could help them get ahead in the world, it was associated with both a power struggle and feminism. White women who were better off than most, were supportive of a corrupted system because of the belief that it…

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