Slavery During The 19th Century Essay

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Slavery in America is nothing to be taken lightly or forgotten. The origins of slavery go all the way back to its colonization by Europeans. The first permanent English colony in North America was Jamestown, Virginia. This colony became extremely successful from the introduction of cash crops like tobacco and cotton. Because of these labor-intensive cash crops the southern colonies had high demands for workers, and to keep profit up and cost down the land owners/lords looked towards slavery.
African American slaves were introduced in 1619 but only served as a small part of the workforce until the late 1600’s (Kamaris, Colonization Late 16th Century and Early 17th Century). Although, the colonists’ uses of slaves were not strictly limited to imported African slaves. They also consisted of indentured servants and Native Americans. 80% of the immigrants were indentured servant (Kamaris, Colonization Late 16th Century and Early 17th Century). They were first used for the means of labor. Promises of high wages and cheap land, in exchange for their labor, were major motives that lead the immigrants to come to America as indentured servants (Kamaris, Colonization Late 16th Century and Early 17th Century). But for some, this life was not a choice. In Elizabeth Ashbridge’s autobiography she explains how her journey to America to become an indentured servant was almost forced upon her due to her choice to abandon her parents beliefs and marry without their consent,
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