Slavery During The 19th Century Essay

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Slavery in America
What is Slavery? Slavery is where human being can be treated as property and can be sold, traded and bought legally through property law. Slavery has existed as far back as the beginning of human civilization. There is a direct correlation between War and Slavery. The victorious countries would enslave the surviving members of rival legions. Egypt, Rome, Greece and China were just a few of the ancient societies that slavery was prevalent in. (Rodriguez, 2007)
The origins of Slavery in America stems back to when Europeans began to conduct trade in West African slaves, which began in the middle of the fifteenth century. Trade between Africa and Europeans started in the early 1400s. After decades of exploring in Africa, the Portuguese eventually made their way into the Sahara where the first written record of African slaves being transported and sold. This sparked the regular trade in African captives being sold in Europe. The demand for African slaves spread from Portugal to Spain and Mediterranean islands as slave traders found egger buyers ready to purchase. Portuguese created a very large slave-trading center at Cacheu (modern-day Guinea-Bissau) that had capacity for thousands of slaves at one time. (Rodriguez, 2007) The escalation of warfare in Africa was a result of a trade agreement between Portugal and the Republic of Benin, where European-made firearms were exchanges for African slaves. The new weapon technology that was established and used on…

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